Wednesday, November 5, 2008

State of the Union

I spent the night last night, like a lot of people around the world Glued to the TV like a child watching cartoons. In fact, the political arena has become not any better.
Without a doubt a historical day indeed, yet a sad day for the history of our country.
But not for the obvious reason that are out there.

Around the water cooler the talk is how did a black man become president of the United States?
I can't believe a ****** is now the president.
Every wanna be racist , confederate flag waving beer Nazi will be making their rants at the local watering hole.
Lets look at the facts.

Since the birth of our nation white rule has been the law of the land. What has that given us?

Civil right laws
Affirmative Action
Hate Crime Laws
Political Correctness ( white guilt)
Gay Rights

The list goes on and on.
The fact is that white people are to blame for giving into the pressure of the "Minority" under the umbrella of white guilt or fear of backlash.
White people yet again are to blame for making one of the worst decisions in history in picking Barack Obama for president with 55% of the vote from Whites.

I had seen it coming over a year ago when I heard that he was running.
From day one I said he was going to win. unfortunately I was right.
We should not be shocked. Whites are portrayed as nerds and not as cool while Blacks are glorified on TV as super stars.
Being a left wing liberal is in fashion nowadays more then ever and being a homosexual is as normal as being straight.
Why should we be shocked Obama won, when you have that as his support?

Obama the best thing to happen to whites?

In the Past white leaders put the interest of their own fist before anything else, hence segregation.
White guilt has destroyed that. With a black president we can assume he will do the same, that is look out for the interest of black people. It is this type of behavior that could be the spark that lites the flame of our people. We have risen when times are tough.
I'm talking oppression, true hard core anti white hatred, absolute mayhem. Only then, by the grace of god will our people stand up and fight. We are the Romans, the sons of Hermann, the blood of Wallace..Yet generations later we have laid down and become a dying race.

Barack Obama is the first, but you can be rest assured he will not be the last.
With the democrats taking up more then half of the seats in the senate and the nation continuing to love this decadent lifestyle, this is just the beginning of whats to come.

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